Monday, December 13, 2010

When I talk about living in a dry cabin

Let's talk about water for a moment.

It's something most people, me included, take for granted. But here at the snowy cabin, we don't have a well. When we first started talking about this move, this was what I was most worried about. Hauling water for a couple days or a week isn't a problem. Most of us have done it at some point. But hauling water for the long haul- no pun intended- spooked me.

In the end, because of a rather ingenious set up that Tory built, it's not that big of a deal. In the winter, we melt snow.

Here's our snow melting tote. We shovel snow into it (probably 2 times a day)it slowly melts. Because it's on the floor, and heat rises, it doesn't get too hot next to the stove.  Just above the tote to the right and screwed into the wall is our water pump. It's electric. We just put the short hose in the melted snow, plug in the pump and the water gets pumped into our 55 gallon cistern:

Here, it's available when ever we turn the tap on. Just like a real faucet! Except it's cold. But that's okay. We have a nice big pot of hot water on the wood stove. Perfect for doing dishes, pouring on snow to get the melting started, and pouring on a wash cloth for the evening face wash. 

We're not going to do this forever. I know Tory could, but I love regular baths too much to give them up for more than a year or two. But I'm doing it now, and it's not really that much of a big deal. Makes me feel like a wild woman, sometimes, that's for sure!

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