Saturday, February 5, 2011

Changing times

I love this time of year. The days are markedly longer, and with a gain of 5 minutes of daylight every day, that's basically over an hour of extra daylight every 12 days. It's a magical time, when Alaskans emerge from hibernation; stretching their legs, blinking their sun-deprived eyes, and getting outside. With a significant storm behind us, each morning there are calls from friends who want ski partners.

Unfortunately- and fortunately- I can't say yes as often as before. I've started a new job, which requires, you know, actual work. So, if it hasn't become apparent yet, the days of every day posts are behind me for now. I'm still cooking- though Tory has taken over during the week while I get settled into my new routine- still knitting, and still learning about cabin life. I hope to continue blogging and taking pictures and making jokes about the outhouse. It'll just take some getting used to as I adjust back into the world of work.

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