Thursday, December 30, 2010

Skiing into gray-scale

This picture was taken in color, I swear.
It finally snowed here yesterday- Lovely fluffy stuff that is just wet enough to stick to trees. After a lazy day yesterday, I got out pretty early for a long cross-country ski in the woods. It was so quiet in our neighborhood- everyone has tucked in for the storm.

My tracks were the first on our little lane today
It's still threatening to snow, and so the light was really flat under the gray sky. The world looked like a black and white photo, save for a couple spots of color.

There were these red huskies who followed me and howled... Until I barked back at them. Then, they just looked confused.

I skied along the Lowe River, which runs along the back of our subdivision. It has finally frozen over for the winter- the -10 degree weather we had last week helped it along- and the ice is robin's egg blue in some places.

The blue Lowe River

Then, I turned into the forest. Snowy forests remind me of building forts when I was a kid. Rather, everything was a fort back then.

Feeling very small
I meandered home, warmed by the colors that greeted me when I walked in the door.

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