Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What we come home to

Last night, we drove home from a long holiday weekend in the Anchorage area. It's a long drive, despite the fact that Anchorage and Valdez are only about 110 miles apart as the crow flies. To avoid the Chugach mountains, the route takes us into the interior of Alaska before making a Southwest turn back towards the coast. Usually, that means watching the thermometer slowly fall as we get near Glenallen, and then rise again as we get closer and closer to the coast. But last night, even though it was getting slightly warmer as we pulled away from Glenallen, all of the sudden, the temperature took a nosedive as we came over the pass, warming up only slightly at our cabin to -8. This morning, our thermometer claims it's 1 degree, but I think it lies.

I swear it's colder.

 Anyway, while I was in town, many friends inquired to what our cabin looks like on the inside. Apparently the money shot of the bed wasn't enough. So, without further ado:

From the door
The woodstove is hiding behind the ladder up to the loft. Excuse the slightly off-kilter prints on the walls. 

From the couch in the corner
 It can definitely be a little tight, but mostly it feels cozy and warm. And one day soon, those cabinets will be gone. Mark. My. Words.

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  1. I can't see the magnets on your fridge


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