Friday, December 3, 2010

A turquoise scarf

 "Can you knit me a scarf please? Turquoise."

And so this project began. I had the turquoise yarn, but didn't want to do a straight-forward scarf. I wanted to knit something a little special: girly, pretty, and frilly. I leafed through my knitting patterns, searched on the web, but just didn't find anything that fit the picture in my head.

So I came up with something on my own. I think it turned out well. And lucky for you, I did all the ripping out and redoing when I decided it needed one more row of increases to frill the way I wanted it to!

It's a quick knit- though when you're casting off all 500 stitches, it doesn't feel that way. A good Christmas present for a girl, or a girl-at-heart.

A Turquoise scarf


2 balls of Nashua Handknits Paradise (Wool/Alpaca blend) (15X22 stitch square should be 10 cm X 10cm)
Size 7 circulars 36 in.
Patience- we're going to knit this lengthwise!

Cast on 200. Knit in stockinette until the piece measures 2 inches. 

Frill Row 1: Starting on a knit row K1, increase in next stitch to end. You should now have 300 stiches.
Frill Row 2: Purl.

Knit the following: Frill row 1, Frill Row 2, Frill Row 1. You should have 500 stiches. 

Cast off knitwise on the purl side. 

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