Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Adventure Begins

Two months ago, I wasn't planning on this. This adventure-while planned- was at least a year or two off. But you know? Sometimes, the universe gives you signs. And boy, the universe really hit me over the head with this one.

And so, this week the adventure begins. I'm leaving my comfortable, quasi-urban Anchorage life and moving to a cabin in the "real" Alaska. No water, no job (yet), no joke.


  1. Yea Kate! I want to run away to a cabin in Valdez! Thanks for sending me a link to your blog. I expect you will be making me VERY envious over the coming months. Congratulations!

  2. Hello Kate, couldn't open the picture of just above the cabin so I thought I would try your blog. I am really excited for you. I will live vicariously through you... I thought my adventure of living without running h2o and an outhouse in NH in 1971 was an adventure, but Alaska! WOW! Anyway, it inspires me to write you a card for the PO Box in town. Also to keep looking at your blog. How deep is the snow? Love to you, Wendy

  3. When will we see interior shots of the cabin? An Inquiring uncle always likes to know that his niece is comfy in the wilderness!


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