Saturday, February 5, 2011

Changing times

I love this time of year. The days are markedly longer, and with a gain of 5 minutes of daylight every day, that's basically over an hour of extra daylight every 12 days. It's a magical time, when Alaskans emerge from hibernation; stretching their legs, blinking their sun-deprived eyes, and getting outside. With a significant storm behind us, each morning there are calls from friends who want ski partners.

Unfortunately- and fortunately- I can't say yes as often as before. I've started a new job, which requires, you know, actual work. So, if it hasn't become apparent yet, the days of every day posts are behind me for now. I'm still cooking- though Tory has taken over during the week while I get settled into my new routine- still knitting, and still learning about cabin life. I hope to continue blogging and taking pictures and making jokes about the outhouse. It'll just take some getting used to as I adjust back into the world of work.

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  1. Someone said to me once, after telling me he'd bicycled 50 miles that day, that 'it feels good to work hard.' He was being condescending and it managed to piss me off. But he was right — it can be fun to dive into something 'new,' however new and whether it's work or play. So good luck lady and have fun.


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